During a rare observation last weekend, Cassini's cameras revealed a new ring at Saturn and other spectacular sights, including wispy fingers of icy material stretching out tens of thousands of kilometers from Enceladus and even an image of distant planet Earth.

A new Ring
  On September 15, 2006, Cassini revealed a new diffuse ring at Saturn, coincident with the orbits of Janus and Epimetheus. This observation occurred during a solar occultation, where the Sun passed directly behind Saturn and left Cassini in Saturn's shadow with brilliantly backlit rings. Usually, an occultation lasts only about an hour, but this time it was an unusual 12-hour marathon.

  The new ring is marked by a cross in the inset of the image just outside the overexposed main rings and interior to the G and E rings. The G ring has a sharp inner boundary; the E ring is extremely broad and arcs across the upper and lower portions of the scene. Credit: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute

Cassini Captures a View of "Home"
  Cassini casts powerful eyes on our home planet, and captures the pale blue orb of our Earth -- and a faint suggestion of our Moon -- among the glories of the Saturn system. The Earth-Moon system is visible as a bright blue point on the right side of the image above center. Here, Cassini is looking down on the Atlantic Ocean and the western coast of north Africa. NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute
感谢:NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute

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